Welcome to FastStats Designer

FastStats Designer configures and builds FastStats Databases from external data sources. The resulting FastStats Databases are optimised for use by the FastStats Server to deliver rapid data analysis (selection counts, cross tabulation, Venn diagrams, profiles, models etc.) usually through the FastStats .NET web service. Client applications such as Apteco FastStats, Apteco FastStats Excelsior, Apteco Orbit, The FastStats API and Apteco PeopleStage access analysis functions through the web service.

Use FastStats Designer to:

Support for FastStats Designer is available through the portal on the Apteco Ltd website: http://www.apteco.com

Support is also available directly from the Apteco Support team : Contact Apteco Support

FastStats Designer training courses are available from Apteco Ltd and the FastStats Designer Training Guide is available in PDF format on the Help menu.