Referencing Audiences

Audiences in Audiences

When creating campaign files or customer segments for analysis, a subset of customers is continually referenced in most or all customer selections. These Audiences can define active customers, frequent spenders, dormant customers, or master exclusion lists such as complainers, do not contacts, marketing preferences, or deceased lists. These criteria to select customers are usually recorded and updated in one central place as Includes, or Excludes (suppressionClosed Using information on one or more lists to remove duplication of specific names before a mailing, or to eliminate those undesirable names. Suppressed items are not generally mailed. lists), for campaigning or analysis. You can use the Search function to find and add an Audience to new or existing Audiences.

The benefits of referencing Orbit Audiences within new or existing Orbit Audiences are:

  • The ability to create and maintain one Audience as the master copy to be used in all Audiences as required

  • The flexibility to change these Audiences and have that change automatically apply to Audiences where it is referenced

  • The ability to reference multiple Audiences within one Audience to ensure consistent criteria is applied

  • Ability to reference a read-only version of an Audience that has been shared with you as criteria within your Orbit Audience

  • To have peace of mind that Audiences created which include these Audiences are consistently selecting the same people as the basis of the selection

Audience in Dashboard Filter

You can use an Audience to filter a Dashboard, for example, a list of "Active customers", in this case, customers who have made at least booking in the last three years.

To add an Audience to a Dashboard:

  • With the Dashboard in Edit mode

  • Click in the Filters area on the AND icon And - Or icon

  • Click in the Search box

  • Select the Audiences tab in the Search data form

  • Select the Audience to add and click Apply

The Dashboard filter now includes the Active Customers Audience

From the Audiences area you can see that the referenced Audience "Active Customers" has a dependent and is also set to Read Only

  • You can change the Audience by clicking the Unlock icon

Click the Dependency drop-down to view the Resource that is dependent on this Audience

Referencing an Audience in an Audience

You can reference one or more Audiences from within an existing Audience, a referenced Audience can itself reference another Audience.

This example shows how to add an exclusion list "Do Not Contacts" to the Exclude segment

When an Audience is referenced in another Audience or a Dashboard it is set to Read Only

  • If the Audience is Locked, click the Unlock icon

  • Click in the Search data area on the AND icon And - Or icon

  • Click in the Search box

  • Select the Audiences tab of the Search data form and choose an Audience

  • Click Apply to add the Audience

The Audience is now referenced in the Audience