Exporting an Audience - File Transfer

To transfer an Audience do the following:

  • Click on the Export tab to access the options for moving your Audience out of Orbit
  • Select the File Server Delivery type

Your system may be configured to allow the file to be Zipped and password protected, or enforced to require Zipped and password protected files, see Export Options

The Output filename defaults to the Audience description but can be amended, if necessary:

  • Select the required output Template from the drop-down menu

The options presented here are pre-created by your Administrator within the Compositions window


Audience Export Codes

When you export an Audience you can include an additional column to add a user code, for example, a campaign code for a third-party fulfillment house to use in their processing.

  • Click Add user code

The Name cannot contain only numbers and must be unique to the export list.

  • Enter a Name and Code

The text value applies to every individual in the file.

Additional Column

You can add a blank column if an additional column is required to ensure a column structure to the file output. This column can be empty.

  • To edit the Code value use the Edit icon and enter a new value.

  • To change the Name of the code you can delete the column and enter a new export code.