URNs and FastStats Selections

There will always be particular customers that have been identified and added to inclusion or exclusions when building up target audiences. Customers who have asked to be suppressed from communications, or who have made a previous complaint need to be identified in the data and excluded. Seed lists or competition winners, customers who have left positive reviews on products or signed up to find out more at an event or roadshow need to be identified and communicated to. This ad hoc list of customers are usually identified using something unique to them - a customer reference number, an account number, and an email address perhaps. URN files that have been saved in FastStats can be searched, located and used in Orbit ready to be included in Audiences for campaigning or export and dashboard base queries to help visualise who these groups of people are and how they have interacted with your brand.


Orbit can reference the power of URN files saved in FastStats as part of Audiences and Dashboard base queries.

For example, you can use a URNClosed A URN (Unique Reference Number) is the unique identifier for a record in a FastStats system, it can be used to identify a Person or a Household for example. file to either include or exclude individuals or a household from communications.

Adding a URN Stop List

The following example shows a URN file used as a Stop List in an Audience

  • From the Excludes area of an Audience click on the AND OR IconAND icon

  • Select the Files tab to search for URNs or FastStats Selections

  • Select and add the item to the Excludes area

A URN file contains individual People or Household records, the total count may not be affected in an Audience as it may not contain the same records

FastStats Selections

Complex selections built using the power of FastStats such as those including Nper, Limits or Recency, Frequency or Value aggregations can be searched, located and added to Audiences as part of the target Audience or the exclusion criteria.

Imagine you have created a series of selections in FastStats that identify different customer segments - year one customers, active customers, lapsing customers or loyal customers which are actively being analysed using the FastStats tool kit. Now, imagine, how easy it will be to search and add these selections to Orbit in order to visualise customers on a Dashboard enabling you to describe their distinguishing characteristics and share your findings with others.

Consistency is key for any identification, analysis and targeting of your customer base and this additional feature will mitigate the need for any recreation of these target Audiences in the platform for you to harness the visualisation, campaigning and sharing capability in Orbit.