Export Templates

Export templates can contain any variables required to be output for a particular audience list. For example, for an external mailing house you would need to include name and address information whilst, for your internal testing, you might just include first name and email address.

File format options for export include:

  • CSV - Comma-separated values
  • SDF - Fixed format Standard Data File
  • XLSX - Microsoft Excel Open XML Format
  • MDB - Microsoft Access database
  • DBF - dBase database file
  • URN - Export as a list of URNs

To create a New Export Template

To start and create a new Export Template:

  • Click on the New+ icon

In the window that opens:

Composition Settings

  • Name the template
  • Specify the default file type from the drop-down menu

Export Template Name and FileType Done

To add a column to the template:

  • Click on the + button under Columns

This will add a New Column label on the left and open the area on the right for you to Choose Variable, Choose Output and determine the Handle “Unclassified” as options:

New Column Setup Properties

For example, to Choose Variable:

  • Click on Search data… and enter the name of the variable you want to add

Search Variable for Composition

If you are familiar with the structure of your FastStats System variable folders, you can alternatively select Browse Data and navigate to the required variable:

Browse Variable for Composition

Repeat the above process to add any required fields into the template and once complete:

  • Click Save

The new Composition will be added to the Export Templates list.