Importing text values for selection or suppression

Text values can be used in Orbit Audiences or Dashboard filters to select records on text variables. Files of text values can be uploaded, typed, or pasted.

Choosing a text variable

Text values are used with text variables which have the following appearance when searched:

Entering text values manually

Text values can be typed, one per line, into the Values tab text box. Text values can also be pasted here.

Note: There is a limit of 100 values. If you wish to import more than 100 values, then you need to use a file import.

Options on how the values should be matched are available via the drop down.

Note: The additional Match case checkbox is available after the text values entry panel.

Uploading a file of text values

To upload a file from your computer:

  1. Switch to the Upload File tab.

  2. Choose Select File.

  3. Choose a file with the extension .TXT (maximum file size 25Mb).

  4. If the preview is as expected, then choose Next.

  5. Choose the destination for the file in the FastStats system.

  6. Optionally, you can change the filename.

  7. Click Upload and Apply to upload the file and apply it to the relevant audience or filter.

File formats

There are some restrictions on the contents of the file:

  • There can be no headers

  • It must be a single column

  • The values cannot be enclosed with quotes

  • Value length must not exceed the FastStats variable length

Importing a previously uploaded file

If the file that you wish to import has previously been uploaded or created by FastStats, then you can refer to it using the Existing Files tab. Search or browse to the relevant file and select it, then click Apply to use it in your selection.