Using Reference Keys for Selection or Suppression

In Orbit Audiences and Dashboards, reference keys can be used to select or suppress specific individual records. Reference keys can be entered individually, copy and pasted, or loaded from a file.

Choosing a reference variable

Reference keys work with reference variables. There is a reference variable on each table. Choose one to get started.

Entering reference keys manually

The following screen allows reference keys to be entered manually. Type or paste in the keys. You can enter up to 100 reference keys here. If you need more reference keys, this can be accomplished using a file. Click Apply to update the audience or dashboard filter.

Uploading a file of reference keys

To upload a file from your computer do the following:

  1. Switch to the Upload File tab.

  2. Choose Select File.

  3. Choose a file with the extension .TXT or .URN.

  4. If the preview is as expected, then choose Next.

  5. Choose the destination for the file in the FastStats system.

  6. Optionally, you can change the filename.

  7. Clicking Upload and Apply uploads the file and applies it to the audience or filter.

File formats

There are some restrictions on the contents of the file:

  • There can be no headers

  • It must be a single column

  • Separators are ignored

  • The values cannot be enclosed with quotes