Predefined Filters

Predefined Filters

Orbit allows you to define data variable sets as filters for users when exploring the dashboard. You are now presented with additional filtering options when exploring the dashboard. By selecting these filters, all dashboard tiles are updated with the applied filter criteria. With the current dashboard tile limit in place, this feature ensures that visualisations on the dashboard can be designed to inform, rather than select data.

Only users with admin permissions can access this function to use within a dashboard.

Creating a Predefined Filter

To create Predefined Filter:

  • Set the dashboard in Edit mode

  • In the Predefined Filters area click Search Data

  • Select a Variable to use as a Filter, in this example "Product" from the Bookings table

  • Save the dashboard

To use the filter:

  • The User Filters area shows the new predefined filter

  • Click Add Values

  • Select a Category, in this example "Package Holiday"

The dashboard is filtered using the selected Category, a new more useful tile can be added to the dashboard