Category Colours

Category Colours Overview

Colours can be assigned to specific categories in FastStats selector variables. This allows brands, products, or companies to have a specific colour throughout the dashboard which can be expressed, for example, as selector categories.

The Application Settings page is available from the user menu, it will only be visible if you have admin permissions.

Defining Category Colours

Colours are allocated to selector variable categories per FastStats system in a DataView. You can search for a variable or a specific category in the category colours section.

To define category colours:

  1. Navigate to Application Settings > Category Colours.

  1. Click Search data.

  1. Select a Variable.

  1. Select a Category.

  1. Specify the Colour for the Category.

  1. Repeat the above steps until you have defined all your category colours.

You can edit the hex colour code e.g. #e2a3e4 directly in this dialogue.

  1. Click Save, to view the result in your dashboard.