Expressions as filters

Expressions are the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ feature in Orbit. They allow precise control for users who have a deep knowledge of their FastStats data and how to use it. FastStats expressions now expand into Orbit through filters.

You can use expressions in the calculation of filters in both Orbit audiences and dashboards. This includes audience selections or the various dashboard filters like user filters, predefined filters, and tile filters.

Note: This is an advanced feature for experienced FastStats users.

Note: Expressions as filters work for both numeric and text expressions.

Using an expression as a filter

To add an expression as a filter:

  1. Click Add Filter.

    If an expression can be added here, then the search dialog has an extra expression tab.

  2. Enter the Name for the expression.

    This is used elsewhere to identify the expression.

  3. The expression requires a counting table, and the text of the expression itself (Orbit validates the expression as you type).

  4. A valid expression calculates a value for each record on the counting table. To filter these records using the expression, enter an operator and a numeric value.

    The example below creates a filter that includes households that are within 100 miles of Apteco’s Warwick office.

    You have now completed an expression as a filter.

Note: Expressions can be used in audiences, dashboard filters, or as expression measures.