Sharing, unsharing, and group editing of Dashboards

Dashboards can be shared to users or groups of users. When sharing, you can set permissions for recipients to view or edit the shared dashboard.

Sharing a dashboard with people or a group of people

When a dashboard is created, it can only be edited by the person who created it (the owner). To allow others to view or edit the dashboard, it must first be shared.

The share button is at the top right of the screen:

In the first share screen you see the owner, and who the dashboard is currently shared with.

Start typing the user or group that you want to share with in the Add field to find your new recipients.

You can add multiple users and groups at this stage:

For each user or group, you can specify whether they have View Only or Edit permission.

A View Only permission indicates that the user cannot edit or share the dashboard, whereas an Edit permission can.

Note: When more than one user edits a dashboard at the same time, the dashboard contains the latest save.

When completed, the new share is created and the new recipients receive a notification. You can send an additional message in the notification by choosing to Add Message.

Removing a share

If you no longer wish to share a dashboard you can remove the share.

Click the Share button in the top right to see who the dashboard is currently shared with. Then click Remove Access in the list.

If you wish to notify existing users that the share has changed, select Notify existing users.

Note: User permissions take precedence over Group permissions, and Group permissions take precedence over All Users permissions.