Tile User Options

You have additional options that available on each tile.

Select the Data Labels icon Data Labels from the top right of the tile.

Data Labels

You can configure how a dashboard tile displays Data Labels, the options are:

  • Display - Turn labels On or Off or set to Auto (Auto - data labels will automatically display when the tile is large enough)

  • Abbreviate count - Abbreviate the data label values

  • Display every nth label - Set a step value to prevent labels from clashing

  • Click on the Data Label icon to set the options

  • Select Abbreviate check box to abbreviate the value

  • Select Display every nth label and use the cell to enter a value or the Increase and Decrease arrows to adjust the interval

Setting Dashboard Tile Background Colours

You can set dashboard tile background colours via the Tile Editor, under the Tile Options menu. This setting allows you to make subtle colour changes to the background of a tile and create visual separation between different areas on the dashboard.

Advanced Options

Use the ellipses icon to open the Advanced tile options

Exporting a Chart as an Image

From the charts advanced options menu

  • Click the Download chart as image button

Download as image button

  • Select for either PNG or SVG

Select PNG or SVG