Category Pareto

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Steps to use Category

  • From the Solution Tile Tab, select the Category Level Pareto icon to reveal the data input options for this tile.

Solution Tile Category Pareto Option

Only one Pareto tile can be added to a Dashboard

  • In this example, we are going to determine which destinations yield around 80% of our profit. To populate the Category, and Value, click on the associated menus.

  1. For Category, click on the Category + option to search or browse data within your Apteco database. Choose a categorical data variable such as Destination or a Product Category. The filter will only show you variables which can be used for this option
  2. The Value field is used to order the destinations in descending order to show you the "Best" category down to the worst category.
  • This is a numeric value - for example, sales, profit or the number of complaints. In our case, we are selecting Profit, also from the Bookings table, to sort our Destinations in descending order

Use the Sort Order to set the initial view as Ascending or Descending, you can also change this on the dashboard Pareto Chart

If the Category field has a large number of options you can use Category Display to limit the number, for example the top 20

  • To be able to see the underlying data records, select the option to "Show underlying data grid"
  • If you wish for any notes to appear under the chart title, they can be added to the Notes section in this tab
  1. Once completed, click Apply

The Pareto tile will now be applied to the Dashboard. By choosing Save, the Pareto tile along with the Dashboard will become interactive.

Category Display Option

When Allow category display has been selected and the Dashboard Creator has selected the Allow the user to adjust this display option, you can increase the number of categories or choose to display the Top % of categories by their value.

Pareto Using Category Display

Categorical Pareto currently supports Top N Category Display. The ability to choose the Bottom N Categories will be available in subsequent releases.

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