Tile Filters

Tile Filters

Orbit allows you to change the underlying data criteria on a single tile of a dashboard, enhancing the dashboard data story.

Tile filters allow you to apply additional data filters to individual dashboard tiles. This allows you to display different data and patterns over separate time frames, or compare one target audience against another side by side on a single dashboard.

Tile Tile Filters display data patterns differently to the rest of the Dashboard, comparing data patterns from different time frames side by side. For example, to display the following:

  • How many responses did my campaign achieve last quarter compared to this quarter?

  • Did the changes I made to the proposition cause an uplift in campaign engagement compared to the last time the campaign was run?

Results displayed side by side in a dashboard can then be shared with stakeholders, clearly displaying the effect of any test and learn strategies.

This clear visualisation of numbers informs strategic decision making on the customer lifecycle stage which marketers concentrate on to quash any declining trends in customer transactional behaviour.

Tile Filters

Creating a Tile Filter

To create a Tile Filter:

  • Click the edit logo in your dashboard tile

Creating a Tile Filter

You must have dashboard admin permissions to Edit the dashboard

  • Select the Filter tab in the Tile Editor

Creating a Tile Filter

  • Click in the Search Data cell to enter the filter criteria

Creating a Tile Filter

Searching or Browsing Data

Find Variables using search

  • Click Include codes in search to show the defined codes

Show Codes in Search

  • or Browse data to access your FastStats System explorer folders and navigate and select the require variable and category:

Browse Variables

  • or Search for URNs or FastStats Selections

Copy the tile using the duplicate button and change the tile filter to make a comparison tile.

Another example below shows a dashboard designed to show customer activity in 2021 across primary brands A and B.