Adding Data Grids as Dashboard Tiles

Being able to see individual or groups of records is an essential feature in FastStats. You can achieve this in Orbit with data grid dashboard tiles. The data grid tile allows you to choose a table, and columns from this table and its parents. You can choose to view the results as a grid view or a page view. Grid view works well for multiple records while page view works well for single records. You can select multiple records and filter, sort, and search the rows and columns.

Creating a new data grid tile

To add a data grid tile to your dashboard:

  1. Select the Data Grid tool from the chart type options.

  2. Choose a Table from the data display records.

  3. You can now choose which Columns to show in the grid. You are only able to choose columns from the current table.

Orbit adds one column by default, and you can add and remove subsequent columns. You can choose whether to show codes or descriptions for the data in these columns, if the data supports that.

Data grid views

You can view the data as a Grid view or a Page view.

Grid view

A Grid view shows multiple rows of data.

Page view

A Page view shows one record per page.

You can add records to the filter by selecting the row or column and clicking Add to filter.

You can then export the retrieved records to PDF or Excel. Click Export Chart from the ellipsis menu.