Roles and Rights

Note: This content will change with the additional functionality of User Permissions, due to be included within the next few releases.

Apteco software provides two mechanisms for managing access:

  • Licensing: Allows Apteco to manage access based on purchased licences

  • Roles & rights: Allows clients or partners to manage access for their users

Apteco software cannot use Roles & Rights to restrict or manage client/user access, remotely control, or manage any features.

Through Orbit, Roles & Rights centralise and standardise user and permission (access control) management for Apteco software. At a high-level, Roles & Rights provides two sets of capabilities:

  • Users & groups: Allow the creation, administration, and deletion of users and groups via the Orbit UI. Users can be in more than one group.

  • Permissions: Allow the creation, administration, and deletion of access rights to function(s) within Apteco software for users or groups.


New systems installed after Q1 2021 with an Orbit release after February 2022 are able to run Roles and Rights natively. Default permissions are included in the installation process.

Existing Systems that plan on only using Users and Groups functionality do not need to run the migration scripts. Orbit based Users and Groups operate in conjunction with existing user management in FastStats.

Existing systems can either continue to use the current controls, or migrate to the new User Permissions, they cannot use both. Existing controls can be migrated to User Permissions but User Permissions cannot be migrated to the existing controls. The migration process in explained in the User Permissions section.

FastStats currently provides various Roles, File Access Rights, and other restrictions to keep system Users and Groups organised. It is possible to take one of these systems, and migrate it to use User Permissions. The migration process assigns permissions to Users and Groups equivalent to the values that they previously had. These permissions can then be altered as desired once the migration is complete.

Feature Switches

Users & Groups

Note: Users and Groups do not need to be migrated, only the Roles and Restrictions assigned to them do.

A user with the Orbit administrators role can access Users & Groups.

Administrators can also disable Users and Groups for an organisation.

Enabling this allows users and groups to managed from either Orbit or FastStats.