Best Practices and Housekeeping

As PeopleStage campaigns run, they build up a history of all the communications sent. It is worth clearing down history that is no longer needed in order to free up database space.

Resetting Test Campaigns

The history from running a campaign in the test environment can be cleared independently from the live history. This can be removed by “resetting” the Test. This is done automatically on publishing to Live from the Q4 2017 version, but previously was done manually using the Test…Reset button on the campaign status control.

Archiving Live Campaigns

Archiving provides a way to move old communications history to a separate database on a regular basis. The administrator can determine when this housekeeping should take place, for example, overnight. Each user can specify at what point history should be archived; for example, when it is 6 months old.

For more information on archiving see Administration of Archiving in PeopleStage

Deactivating a Live Campaign

Deactivating a Campaign prevents any of the scheduled steps from running again in the future. This should only be done when the Campaign is deemed as finished. In many cases the schedules will have expired, for example run daily from 1st December to 25th December. However, any schedules that are still active, for example run daily forever will be forcibly stopped by deactivating the Campaign.