Audience Step

The Audience step is where you define Who you wish to communicate with.

Typically, the Audience selects people to receive a Message; sometimes you may simply want to move them through part of the marketing process and into, for example, another Pool.

You usually identify an initial target audience using a series of selections to include - or exclude – the relevant people. You can find all available selections organised into folders in the Audiences section of the Library.

To add a selection into an Audience:

Adding Selections to Audience

  1. Navigate to and then drag and drop your selection into the bottom half of the Audience step
  2. Repeat the above if you want to include more than one selection by dragging on from the right hand side of the step
  3. If required, drag a selection(s) onto the Exclude area of the step to act as a filter

Should you need to ensure that particular records are always part of your target audience, drag the selection(s) into the Exclude panel and then click on the word Exclude to change it to Include

Drag your selections onto the Audience step in order of importance as PeopleStage will undertake a deduping exercise working from left to right.

Completed Target Audience

As people flow through your campaign, you can use an Audience step to determine the most appropriate customer journey individuals should take. To achieve this PeopleStage facilitates selection based on a person’s marketing journey to date and/or their behaviour towards or ‘interaction’ with your marketing communications.

Audience Response Interactions

Watch out for validation warnings. A red or amber line around an Audience step indicates that something needs attention. Hover over – or click onto – the exclamation mark in the top left corner to see what the problem is.