FastStats Selections

PeopleStage is closely integrated with your FastStats system and selections created in FastStats can be used to identify your target audience.

These selections can be accessed via the PeopleStage Library, held in the FastStats Selections folder. When you expand this folder, you find your selections organised into both private and public sub-folders, the structure of which reflects the location of the same selections in the My FastStats Folders in your associated FastStats system.

  • Navigate and locate the required selection

Enter keywords into the search box at the top of the Library to filter the list and help find your selection

  • Drag and drop the selection into the bottom half of your Audience step

Using Keywords in the Library

Once the selection is added, any red validation warning disappears from around the step. PeopleStage runs the selection and the Gross count of records in the selection becomes visible in the bottom right corner. This is the count of records that you can potentially market to; the actual nett count of records is calculated when PeopleStage runs the campaign and carries out any necessary deduplication and/or applies any defined excludes, limits or constraints.

See Introduction to Customisation

You may notice that there are subtle differences between the icons representing your FastStats selections in the PeopleStage Library. For example:

FastStats Selections Icons

Icon Description
Indicates a Person level selection with a single version
Indicates a Person level selection with multiple versions
Indicates a Person level, parameterised selection with a single version
Indicates a Transaction level selection with a single version
Indicates a Transaction level selection with multiple versions
Indicates a Transaction level, parameterised selection with multiple versions

When using a FastStats selection which has multiple versions, you have the choice of whether to use the Latest Version or select a Fixed Version. In the Audience step:

  • Click onto the inner processes Main view icon and change to Settings view

Inner Process View

The Audience display will update to show which version of a selection is currently being used.

Selection Version

By default, this will always be the latest, but when you select Fixed Version, you will be presented with a list of versions to select from.

  • In the Use column, select the version you want PeopleStage to apply

Selecting the Version