Others Selections

The Others folder can be found within the Audiences section of the PeopleStage Library and contains pre-defined selection functionality to assist you in defining who you wish to target.

Library Others

There are 3 options:

Any People

The Any People selection can potentially be used on an Audience step to select everyone in your database.

  • Drag and drop the Any People Selection from the Library onto your Audience step

Alternatively, you can use this selection to move all the people in a preceding pool onto the next stage of your campaign.

Any People

You are NOT advised to start a campaign with an Any People selection. In this circumstance, PeopleStage will select all the Person records in your FastStats system. As a warning, PeopleStage will display an amber validation message around the Audience step:

Anyone Segment Warning

When using an Any People selection, ensure that you draw the connecting lines from the preceding Pool to the Audience. This determines that only the individuals who are eligible for the campaign move on through and into the next stage of the diagram.

Connecting Line from Pool to Audience

% Percentage

You can use the %Percentage selection in your Content or Delivery steps to create random percentage splits of your audience. For example, you can carry out A/B testing of your creative or subject lines.

On the Content step:

  • Drag and drop the % Percentage selection onto the Content step

PeopleStage creates a new Content Field containing two selections. The first is the % Percentage whilst the second is a ‘catch all’ Other selection. This allows you to add a Content Item for this field to each person flowing through the campaign.

By default, a 50/50 split is created, but you can click on the % icon in the top left corner of the selection and amend this.

Percentage Split Amended

You can use multiple % Percentage selections to create more Content Items for the Field. For example, the Content defined below tests 3 image sets by assigning a random 25% of the campaign Audience to Image 1, a further 25% to Image 2, with those remaining (Other) to receive Default Image 3.

Multiple Content Items

You can also use multiple % Percentage selections to create fields within the same Content step. The following example contains both a Subject Line test and an Image test and Audiences for both Content Fields will be randomly assigned.

Subject Line Split and Image Test

On the Delivery:

You can drag and drop the % Percentage selection onto a Delivery step to randomly split individuals by channel. For example, if you create two messages in an email channel, you can use % Percentage selections to ensure that a random 50% (or other defined split) of the audience receives Message 1 and the rest of the audience receives Message 2:

Percentage on Delivery Step

Again, you can drag multiple % Percentage selections onto the Delivery.


You can use the Placeholder selection to start sketching out your campaign flow when, for example, you are still waiting for your Audience selections to be created. Simply add a Placeholder into the Audience step to indicate that a selection needs to be added.

When used, a validation warning will appear on the Audience step, highlighting that the campaign cannot be published with just a Placeholder:

Placeholder Warning

The warning will disappear once you add actual selections into the Audience.