Exclude Selections

You can apply excludes in two places within your Campaign – either within an Audience step or at the Campaign level.

Audience Step

Here you can apply selections or records that you want to exclude from the campaign. For example, these could be:

  • People who have not consented to receive campaign information
  • A deceased list
  • People who have recently interacted with you

To apply an Audience exclude:

  • Use FastStats to create the selection(s) identifying the records to exclude
  • Drag and drop the selection(s) onto the Exclude panel of the Audience step

Excluded Selection

In the above example, any individuals who are within the EPS selection will be excluded from this audience.

Creating Exclusion Groups within an Audience:

Whilst exclusions are usually applied to the entire Audience, it is also possible to create exclusion groups which apply to just one or more of the selection segments making up that overall audience – for example, when using Broadcast Interactions and Pool Journey selections in the same Audience step.

  1. Add all the selections that represent the individuals you wish to include in the campaign
  2. Click on the first selection you wish to group and then holding down CTRL, click the other selections to be grouped so that they are highlighted

Creating Exclusion Groups Step 1

  1. Right-click and choose the option Group Segments

A new Exclude panel will appear above the grouped segments. Note: It is possible to apply an exclude to a single segment by right-clicking on the segment and selecting Group Segments.

  1. Drag and drop the exclude selection onto the new panel

Creating Exclusion Groups Step 2

In the above example, a Pool Journey selection is added to the Exclude panel. You can use this approach to prevent people sitting in the preceding pool – e.g. for less than a week - from being moved on. Not only does this allow time for the recipients of our first communication to respond, but also ensures that another communication is not sent to those people within 7 days of receiving the first.

To ungroup the Audience segments:

  1. Right mouse click on the contents of the Exclude panel and choose Delete Segments
  2. Right-click on a segment within the group and choose Ungroup Segments

Campaign Levels

You can apply a Filter Constraint to ensure that individuals in the filter selection are excluded from entering the campaign.

  1. Select the Constraints view icon at the top right of the campaign window

Constraints View

  1. Right-click and Add Filter Constraint

Add Filter Constraint

  1. Drag and drop your exclude selection onto the Exclude drop box

Exclude Selection Added

When this campaign is published the Campaign filter constraint is applied.