Bespoke Content

Bespoke content allows you to tailor your communications to the individual. If the people you are campaigning to have met a certain criterion, you may wish to communicate with them slightly differently in the creative. For example:

  • if someone has transacted with you in the last 3 months, you may want to reward them with an offer;
  • if someone falls into a particular audience segment, you may wish this fact to drive the images they receive on the creative

You can use the data and selection functionality of your FastStats system to split individuals into these required groups.

Content Step Segmented

  1. In the Library, navigate to and then drag and drop the required selection onto the Content step to create a new Content Field
  2. Label the Content Field accordingly – e.g. Segmentation

A default Other segment will appear within the same Content Field to capture anyone who does not meet the criteria of the initial selection. Between segments, a ‘hotspot’ is visible, onto which a further segment selection can be dropped.

Adding a Segment to Content Step

  1. Drag and drop any required selections into the same Content Field
  2. Rename each Content Item to ensure that everyone included in the selection is given a label which the channel can recognise

Left to right deduping applies. For example, you may intend that individuals in the Families’ segment see a ‘family’ image in the communication they receive. In the unlikely event that there is overlap between the defined selections, an individual will be included in the first/leftmost selection for which they qualify, and their communication labelled as such.

There is no limit to the number of selections you can apply within one Content Field.

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