Transactional Data

As a further mechanism for personalising your communications, PeopleStage allows you to include transactional data from your FastStats system into the content you create.

In most cases PeopleStage targets the individual with a communication. Where the campaign is a Person level campaign, you can add transactional information onto the content step to reference a particular transaction an individual has made. This could be their most recent purchase, or their first purchase; it could reference the store where they made a purchase, or their most recent product enquiry.

In this example, we use the Destination variable from the transactional Bookings table to identify a person’s most recent beach destination visited:

  1. In the Library, search and navigate to the Bookings Destination variable

 Library Content Step

  1. Drag and drop the variable onto the Content step to create a new Content Field

PeopleStage recognises that this is a transaction level variable and presents you with options to use to identify which, out of all the of the transactions an individual in this campaign has completed, we wish to reference and display in the output.

Within the Content Field, you will be presented with 2 boxes:

Content Field

The leftmost box can be used to dictate the recency of the transaction you wish to display:

Content Recency Drop-Down

Options listed in the drop-down menu are created using the One Per Aggregations Editor… located in the File menu Administration area; admin permissions are required.

  1. Select Most Recent

By default, PeopleStage will look at ‘All Bookings’ made by individuals in the campaign, but you can use the box on the right to define a filter or subset of transactions which PeopleStage then uses to work out which transaction to reference and display. This is achieved by creating, saving and then associating the required transaction level selection created in FastStats with this Content Field in PeopleStage.

  1. Drag and drop the selection of Beach holiday bookings over ‘All Bookings’ to apply the filter

In this example, the PeopleStage output will reference an individual’s most recent Beach holiday Destination visited.

Content Step Destination Visited

The output column will contain a blank value for any recipient where a destination meeting the defined criteria does not exist.