Call Centre

When using a Call Centre channel:

  1. Drag and drop the required channel from the Library onto the Delivery step
  2. Enter the required Filename
  3. Specify and define a Folder Path

In the example below, the Folder Path is pointing to a Public folder in PeopleStage. You can change this by clicking on the Browse button.

You can append text or additional Values from the Library using the ‘hotspot’ to the right of the Folder Path:

  1. Double-click on the hotspot to enter text, or drag and drop the required value from the Library onto the hotspot

By selecting the Requires Manual Approval check box, you can optionally download a sample of records from the pending output file to ensure that it contains the expected individuals. Selecting this option requires you to approve the delivery before the file is transferred to the expected destination and recorded into the Communication History.

Call Centre Channel