Email Channel

When using an Email channel:

  1. Drag and drop the required channel from the Library onto the Delivery step
  2. Click on the drop-down menu in the Message Name box and scroll down to find, or start to type in the name of the required message to select a Message Name

Email Channel Select Message Name

The message names listed are those already created and approved in your ESP. Icons to the right of the Message Name box allow checks to be made:

  • Get and Validate Message Names
  • Preview and send test message
  • Click the Refresh Channel Message button to retrieve any new messages that may have been created from the ESP

Once selected, PeopleStage will upload the file to the correct Message Name and will broadcast the email through the integrated ESP defined in the channel.

If you enter a Message Name that does not yet exist in the ESP, PeopleStage allows you to continue on the assumption that the message will be available when the campaign runs; an amber validation warning is displayed:

Email Channel Amber Warning No Message Defined

If the ESP requires you to select the Message Name and then a different name for the file being uploaded, you can enter a List Name:

  1. Select the check box below List Name and enter the required details

You can append text or additional Values from the Library using the ‘hotspot’ to the right of the List Name box:

Append Variable

Below List Name you can see the words Upload and automatically broadcast. This setting is part of the channel definition and means that, as soon as the file has been uploaded to the ESP, it will be broadcast. The alternative to this is Upload only; the file is uploaded from PeopleStage but then broadcast in accordance with a schedule set within the ESP.

By selecting the Requires Manual Approval check box, you can optionally download a sample of records from the pending output file to ensure that it contains the expected individuals. Selecting this option requires you to approve the delivery before the file is transferred to the ESP and recorded into the Communication History.

See Manual Approval

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