Control Channels

To test the success of a campaign, a Control Channel can be used to hold a random sample back from receiving the output of the campaign.

Individuals in the control will form part of the Communication History and will be labelled as being ‘in Control’. This ensures that, when analysing any responses to the campaign, you can determine whether the individuals responding were sent the communication, or were actually held out in the Control group, but responded anyway.

The Control Channel is in the Deliveries section of the Library:

Control Channel in Library

  1. Drag and drop the Control onto the Delivery Step.

As PeopleStage dedupes from left to right, you should drag and drop the Control Channel onto the ‘hotspot’ on the left-hand side of any other channel present in the Delivery step.

  1. Click the % icon in the top left corner of the Control Channel to modify the percentage of individuals to be held out of the campaign as the control group.

Control Channel Added

By default, this is set to 50%, but volume and frequency dependent, this percentage is usually lowered to around 10% of the total audience.