Delivery Output Grid View

The format of the output file can be viewed in the Delivery step:

Select Output grid view from the view options in the top right corner of the Delivery step

Output Grid Icon

Where multiple channels have been defined on the Delivery Step, you will be able to see all channels and their associated output columns by using the dropdown menu at the top and selecting the applicable channel to view.

  1. Select Email – Demo channel

 Output Grid View

Columns to the left of the Channel column are the Content Fields added within the Content step whilst those to the right are fields that have been defined in the Channel Editor including, here, the PersonURN, Email Address, Title, Initial and Surname.

In the Delivery grid view you can also define whether to track particular column information in the Communication History, output the column information – or both.

  1. Right-click on a column header to amend the tracking and output options:

Output Grid View Column Options

In this example, the Output Content Field option has been selected for the Destination column, but the Track Content Field option has been cleared by clicking that option in the menu.

Symbols on the column header notify you of the options applied:

Output Grid View Column Headers

In this example:

  • The Beach Offer column is being Tracked into the Communication History and output on the output file
  • The Destination column is being output but not tracked and, therefore, this information will not be added to the Communication History
  • The Channel is being tracked in the Communication History