To set up a new Area or Campaign, you work in Plan mode.

Plan mode is represented by the ‘pencil’ status control icon located top-left of the diagram.

Status Control Icon

A ghosted icon indicates that the item is not currently ‘checked out’ and therefore not editable. To check an item out and switch to editable mode:

  • Click on the status control icon and, from within the Plan tab window, select Edit Area or Edit Campaign – according to the level at which you are working

Plan Status Not Checked Out

Once checked out, the pencil icon will no longer be ghosted and you will have access to other options within the dialog window. The background is now a grey and white grid, also indicating that it is now editable.

Plan Status Checked Out

Some options will only be available once you have begun your planning and may initially be greyed out.

When you drag, for example, a New Campaign from the Library, that campaign will automatically be editable by you but, when you are amending an existing campaign, you will always need to make the item editable first.

Once editable, you can use all the items in the Library to create your campaign. To make a start:

  • Drag and drop the component parts - New Audience, New Message and New Pool

See Creating a Campaign