Once you have created your campaign in Plan and, optionally checked both the flow and volumes in Test, to actually send your communication you must publish the campaign in the Live environment.

Once published to Live, PeopleStage records the campaign detail into the Communication History and produces an output file for upload and broadcast in accordance with the defined channel settings.

To publish a campaign in the Live environment:

  • Click on the status control icon and select the Live tab
  • Select Publish

The status control changes to reflect that you are now in the Live environment, as does the background colour – now yellow.

Live Campaign Status

Publishing to Live requires you to enter your password to confirm and authorise this action:

Confirm Authorisation

The Live mode will begin following the schedule set up on the Audience step(s).

When PeopleStage is running the campaign in Live mode:

  • Progress indicators will appear – hover to see details

Progress Indicator


Initially the connecting lines will be black indicating that the campaign has published but is yet to run. Once a campaign stage has run, the line will become blue, indicating that PeopleStage has processed that part of the campaign and moved people on.

Hover over a line to see how many people have moved through that stage – in the last run and in total:

Hover Over Line for Information

A black line indicates that PeopleStage hasn’t moved people on yet. It may be that it is still processing an earlier stage or, in this example, the Requires Manual Approval warning Manual Approval, indicates that people are currently being held in an internal pool on the delivery step until the approval is given.

Hover over a blue corner on the delivery step to see the number of records awaiting approval

Number of Records Awaiting Approval

When publishing a campaign on a recurring schedule, you will initially see blue lines with a black border indicating that this stage of the campaign has run previously but is about to run again. Once complete, the line will return to blue; a deeper blue indicates that a higher number or records have moved through that stage of the campaign.