Extending the Campaign Journey

Using a single stage campaign as a starting point, you can build upon this diagram as and when the need to send a further communication occurs.

Extending the Campaign Journey

Using a Pool at the end of a stage allows you to hold individuals in the campaign pending your decision on what to do next.

You can create the second stage of the campaign using the same core steps; PeopleStage needs these to continue the flow of the campaign. With the campaign in Plan mode:

  • Drag and drop a New Audience step from the Library into the campaign
  • Connect the preceding pool to this audience

This will ensure that the people sitting in the pool are moved into the second audience of the campaign.

If the requirement is to communicate with the recipients again, you must add Message Step after the audience.

  • Drag and drop a New Message step onto the diagram
  • Connect the Audience step to the Content step of the new Message
  • Add any required Content Fields into the Content step and add channel(s) into the Delivery step

If you wish to extend this diagram further, now or later, you can add another Pool step after the Message to punctuate the end of this stage and the beginning of the stage of the campaign.

Pool Step Added

The movement of the people out of the first pool and into the second stage of the campaign is determined using a schedule on the second audience step. For example, as a follow up campaign, this could be a week after the original message is broadcast.

PeopleStage allows you to extend the campaign journey and progress people through a campaign in various ways - for example, based on their customer journey to date and/or their behaviour or interaction with your marketing communications along the way.

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