Personalisation using the Delivery Step

There are 3 ways in which the Delivery Step can be personalised to the campaign.

  1. Choosing the Delivery Channel
  2. Creating multiple outputs within one Delivery Step using selections
  3. Reviewing and modifying settings for Delivery

Choosing the Delivery Channel

Simply, choosing how to fulfil the campaign output is making the campaign unique.

Channels are defined using the Channel Editor, an administrative function which can be found in the File menu. Standard output fields are defined within each channel - e.g. email address for an Email channel, address details for a Direct Mail channel, or mobile number for an SMS channel - together with any connection settings and associated costs.

Channels are organised into appropriate folders within the Deliveries section of the Library. Simply select your channel by dragging it from the Library onto a Delivery step

Delivery Channels in the Library

Delivery Email Channel

Creating multiple outputs within one Delivery Step using selections

In this example, the Delivery step is randomly split using a %Percentage selection – one of the Others selections located in the Library Audiences folder.

  • Drag and drop the %Percentage selection onto Delivery step

This will split the Audience into 2 parts. In this example, a random 50% of the audience will be output to Call Centre A using the Call Centre channel.

To edit the percentage split, click on the % icon top-left and amend using the setting in the middle.

Delivery Percentage Split

  • Drag and drop the required channel onto the Delivery step and populate the details and naming the output file Call Centre A.

To ensure that the rest of the audience in the campaign is catered for an Others selection automatically appears alongside the %Percentage selection in the Delivery.

  • Drag and drop the Call Centre channel onto this selection and rename the file output Call Centre B. (26)

Delivery Multiple Outputs

The %Percentage selection allows you to carry out random sampling and facilitates creative tests, where required. It is equally possible to use saved selections to split individuals into different channels on the same Delivery Step.

You can use different channels on one Delivery step – for example, to divide and communicate with people according to their stated preferences.

Reviewing and Modifying settings for Delivery

Content Fields created in the Content step and delivery channel variables, as defined within the Channel Editor, are automatically set up to be output and tracked (recorded) into the Communication History, unless otherwise specified.

The Output grid table will always present the Content Fields first, followed by the fields defined in the delivery channel.

In the top-right corner of the Delivery step, switch from Main view to Output grid view

Delivery Modifying Settings

Icons within the column header indicate the current settings – for example, this Beach Offer field is currently set to be tracked and output:

You can change this by right-clicking on an icon and selecting/deselecting, as necessary. For example, you may need free text created within the Content step to be included in your output, but not require it for analysis within Communication History. In this case you can set the free text field column just to Output Content Field, but not track:

Delivery Track and Output Selected