Audience Level

You can apply volume and grouping constraints at the Audience level. To access the options:

  • Select the Constraints view in the top-right corner of the Audience step

Audience Constraints View

  • Click on the ghosted icon in the middle of the Audience

Constraints Options

Add Volume Constraint

Reasons for placing a volume limit on the Audience might include:

  • a restriction on the number of offers you can fulfil
  • a need to stagger the send of the campaign as a means of controlling the resultant traffic to your website

With the maximum volume constraint applied on the Audience step, PeopleStage prevents additional volume from running through the campaign.

Volume Constraint

You also need to apply a timeframe for the constraint; every time the campaign runs...over an hour…month or year? This decision depends on the type of campaign, its schedule and the anticipated volume.

Volume Constraint Timeframe

Add Minimum Volume Constraint

It is more economical to send larger volume batches to a print or fulfilment house. There may be a minimum volume to satisfy before the creative can be sent. A minimum volume constraint prevents a campaign from running unless the Audience volume is the same as, or greater than, the constraint applied.

Audience Constraints Minimum Volume

Add Grouping Constraint

When you need to ensure that, for example, only 1 Person per Household receives your communication, you can apply a grouping constraint to the Audience.

This is suitable for campaigns such as store opening campaigns, or community activity promotions.

The grouping constraint default is determined by the table structure in your FastStats system. You can drag and replace the default using FastStats variables; the options are available to select from in the Constraints-Constraint Variables section of the Library.

Adding a Grouping Constraint

When appropriate, it is possible to combine volume and grouping constraints in your Audience step:

Audience Constraints Combined

A summary of applied constraints displays in the top-left corner of the Audience step; this is useful when you switch between Audience step views.

Audience Constraints Summary

In addition to overall Audience volume and grouping constraints, you can apply constraints to individual selections within the Audience step.

Audience Constraints Example

In the above example, a volume constraint has been applied to the Been to Australasia segment. This is indicated by the constraints icon visible in the top=left corner of that segment:

Audience Constraints Minimum Volume

To add a new volume or grouping constraint to a individual selection, simply click onto the ghosted constraints icon which appears when you hover over the top-left corner of a segment to access the options.

To see a summary view of where constraints have been applied, in the top-right corner of the Audience step:

  • Click onto the inner processes icon and select Constraints view

Audience Constraints View