Campaign Level Customisation

You can apply constraints at the campaign level. The options are accessed via the Constraints view icon in the top-right corner of the campaign window:

Constraints View Icon

Constraint Options

Any constraints you apply here will apply only to the single campaign.

Contact Strategy

There are two types of Contact Strategy:

  1. Applying a limit to the number of communications a person or household receives across a specific timeframe:

Limit Number of Communications

You can further constrain this to a certain channel using the via drop-down menu options:

Constrain to Channel

  1. Applying a limit to the number of campaigns a person or household can be in at one time across a specific timeframe:

Constrain Number of Campaigns

Cost Constraint

You can apply a cost constraint to the campaign. If the cost of communications exceeds the set constraint, the campaign will not run when it is scheduled.

Cost Constraint

Cost Constraints can be applied over time, or per run.

Volume Constraint

You can apply a volume constraint at the campaign level – over a time period or per run. Setting a volume constraint depends on the type of campaign and the predicted volumes.

Volume Constraint

Filter Constraint

You can use a filter constraint to ensure that particular individuals are excluded from a campaign regardless of the selection criteria used in the initial audience step.

  • Drag and drop the required selection from the Library Audiences folder and onto the Exclude filter box:

Filter Constraint

Campaign Constraint Summary