Area Level Customisation

To assist with management, PeopleStage allows you to organise your Campaigns into appropriate Areas. The way you organise this is driven by organisational practices and needs. For example, you may group all marketing campaigns into one area and service campaigns into another; alternatively, you may choose to split areas by product group.

When you apply an area level constraint, you are acknowledging that individuals are probably in multiple campaigns within that area and, more importantly, that it is not necessary for all individuals to receive all the communications in a time period.

Where multiple PeopleStage users work on their own campaigns within a shared area, constraints need only be applied by one user but, when applied, will affect all campaigns in that area.

You can access and apply area level constraints via the Constraints view icon in the top-right corner of the area window:

Constraints View Icon

Constraint Options

Contact Strategy

There are two types of Contact Strategy:

  1. Applying a limit to the number of communications a person or household receives across a specific timeframe:

Limit Number of Communications

You can further constrain this to a certain channel using the via drop-down menu options:

Constrain to Channel

  1. Applying a limit to the number of campaigns a person or household can be in at one time across a specific timeframe:

Constrain Number of Campaigns

Cost Constraint

You can apply an overall cost constraint to the area. Once this constraint is reached, any campaigns scheduled to run will not run. When applying cost constraints at the area level, it can be more useful to look at lengths of time rather than runs of the campaigns.

Cost Constraint

Volume Constraint

You can apply an overall volume constraint at the area level. Again, at this level, it can be more useful to look at timeframes rather than runs.

If your contact principle is to contact only a certain amount of your customer base with marketing campaigns per month, then a fixed volume can be applied here.

Volume Constraint

Filter Constraint

Where blanket exclusions need to be applied to all campaigns within an area, the Filter Constraint can be used.

  • Drag and drop the required selection from the Library Audiences folder and onto the Exclude filter box:

Filter Constraint

Area level constraints are only applied to the campaigns within that area once they have been republished. You can republish all campaigns as one action at the area level.

Area Constraint Summary