Optimisation Requirements

Optimisation is performed by a daily, weekly, or monthly Optimisation Task, which considers a number of optimised campaigns within the scope of a common Optimising Area. Records selected by any of the initial Audiences due to run, at a frequency chosen in conjunction with the Optimistation Window, are reserved for the highest priority campaign for which they are eligible. The use of Campaign Optimisation is currently restricted to the following situations:

Optimisation must be turned on in the FastStats Configurator by an administrator

Optimised Campaigns must have:

  • A single initial Audience.
    • i.e. There can only be a single starting point for the campaign. It is records selected by this Audience that are optimised.
  • This initial Audience must have a schedule that runs - at most - once per optimisation window
    • single instance/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
    • not hourly/triggered/relative/system action
  • The initial Audience must only contain selections that can be resolved in advance:
    • i.e. FastStats selections
    • not Live Data, Interaction or Journey selections
    • not containing constraints on individual segments

Optimised Campaigns can only be under the control of a single Optimising Area:

For systems using a version earlier than Q2 2020

  • The area must have a Contact Strategy of “1 Campaign started/concurrently per…”
  • The optimisation only reserves - at most - one campaign per person during each time window

Added in Q2 2020 - Multiple Campaings

  • The can nowhave a Contact Strategy of up to “5 Campaigns started/concurrently per…”

The area can contain other nested areas, but these cannot also have Optimisation turned on.

If the optimising area contains nested areas with unloaded campaigns then PeopleStage is unable to detect these campaigns, it is the user’s responsibility to publish them.

The following warning will be issued if the optimising Area contains other Areas:

“The optimising area contains nested areas. Any campaigns in these areas that are already live or are to be optimised must also be published. PeopleStage is currently unable to detect these campaigns if they are not loaded, so it is the user’s responsibility to publish them. Publish the optimisation first and then publish/republish these campaigns.”

There may be performance limitations on the running of Campaign Optimisation. Each Optimised Area has an associated Optimisation Task which runs daily, typically after a daily deployment. This task evaluates the initial Audience in each campaign, which will take a few minutes per Audience, up to perhaps 15 minutes for one that is complex. This is followed by the actual optimisation process which choses the best Campaign per person; this may take from a few minutes up to a few hours. It is recommended that the number of optimised campaigns is limited to around 5 to 10, in order for the Optimisation Task to complete in a reasonable amount of time. The number will vary depending on campaign complexity.

Added in Q2 2019