The Campaign Optimisation Task

Overview of Process

You set up a daily Optimisation Task on the Optimising Area, which is scheduled to run at a particular time each day. Individual campaigns in the Optimising Area can then have Optimisation Turned On which involves setting the criteria for each Optimised Campaign. On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, the Optimisation Task reserves records for the best campaign they are eligible for, either based on campaign level priorities, or individual level scores.

At this time PeopleStage will:

In order to do this, any volume constraint on the Audience is not taken into consideration, since this is applied during the next stage

  • These available records are then optimised, meaning they are reserved for the highest priority campaign for which they are eligible.

When each Campaign runs later in the day:

It runs its Audience but can only select from the set of Reserved Records. Since the Audience criteria are applied again, some records that were reserved may no longer be eligible. For example, if a person has unsubscribed during the day.

If the Audience contains random elements (such as NPer or Limits) then it will not re-run the selections as there is no way to guarantee getting the same random records. Instead it just runs using the Reserved Records.

Once the Audience has run, the Reserved Records are marked as having been used. The Optimisation Task needs to run again successfully for more Reserved Records to be created.

Added in Q2 2019