Getting Started

Upon opening the system, you are greeted with a Marketing Processes interface, where all campaigns will be created, managed and reviewed.

The Marketing Processes dashboard shows a summary of the status of campaigns and volumes of communications active within your PeopleStage system.

PeopleStage uses a zoomable user interface, enabling marketing processes to be viewed at any level of detail, whatever is appropriate for the user or the current task in hand.

Your Marketing Processes diagram is a shared area, allowing multiple users to share the creation and management of the campaigning portfolio. A typical marketing planning scenario could include:

  • A strategic user, responsible for planning and sketching out processes at a high level
  • Specific campaign details can then be completed by other users
  • Results can be analysed at a detailed level using FastStats
  • The strategic user can get a high-level summary of marketing effectiveness, once processes have run

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