Organising your Diagram

An Area is a group of related Campaigns. Areas can also be grouped into larger Areas.

Within the Marketing Processes, campaign Areas can be created, allowing you to suitably manage your communication programmes within their own workspace, e.g. Year 1 Programme Area:


An Area can hold a collection of further Areas or, within an Area, individual Campaigns can be created and executed, e.g. a “Welcome Campaign” within your “Year 1 Programme” Area.

Campaigns in Area

To create a new Area within your diagram, first ensure that the ‘container’ is editable:

  1. Click on the Campaign Status control icon in the top left of your Marketing Processes diagram and select Plan then Edit Programme

Plan Status - Edit Programme

A grey and white grid background indicates that the ‘container’ – here the highest Marketing Processes level - is now editable. The status control icon is no longer ghosted and, when you click back onto it, you can see who has this ‘container’ checked out. You can now make changes.

From the Areas folder in the Library:

  1. Drag and drop a New Area onto the diagram

This will automatically be checked out to you and is immediately editable. To allocate an appropriate name:

  1. Double click on the word “Area”, overtype with the required description and then press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the change

Area Renamed

PeopleStage does not auto-save in the background and, as a best practice, you should regularly save your work. You can do this by clicking back onto the status control icon and selecting Save... - here Save Programme. Saving records the structure of your Diagram and the Areas and Campaigns you create within it. We recommend that you re-label the individual elements used to sketch out your marketing journeys, as this will facilitate and assist you with future reporting. Introduction to Reporting

Only one person at a time can edit a ‘container’ – i.e. Area or Campaign. Others will be able to see, but not make changes to, an Area or Campaign which is already checked out. As best practice, once you complete your changes, return to the status control icon and select Check in…. This will save any changes and make the item available for selection and/or editing by others.

Once created, a new Area will show the text "Never Published" or, when you zoom into such an Area, you will see that the “Dashboard information will become available after publishing to Live”.

Dashboard After Publishing

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