The PeopleStage Diagram Workspace

PeopleStage uses a combination of colours and shapes to assist you with the planning process and interpretation of your Marketing Processes diagram.

Item Description

Blue is used to represent People, flowing like water through the system, collecting in “Pools” (oval) until they are selected by an “Audience Selection” (rectangular)

Orange is used to represent communications at some level: either an individual Delivery or a higher-level process such as a Campaign. Costs are shown in a pink colour, using a common red theme to tie in with the orange communications which incur the costs

Green is used to represent Responses and Revenue, using an opposing colour to the Red where costs are incurred: green being positive and red being negative. The shape for the inbound Response is a mirror image of the outbound Content

See the Library for an overview of all the elements you can use in creating your PeopleStage diagram.

The System Administrator can change the colour scheme if required; however, this will apply to all users.