About the Library

The PeopleStage library sits on the right-hand side of your diagram workspace and is initially collapsed to a tab entitled ‘Primary Flow Shapes & Library’.

Library closed

Clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the tab opens the Library panel. The default action is to auto-expand and hide the panel when editing or checking in your working areas. Clicking on the pin symbol at the bottom of the panel, so that it appears upright, turns off the auto-hide function.

Library open

The Library panel contains a mixture of items, some created in PeopleStage and some from the FastStats system that PeopleStage is connected to. What you see in the Library is dependent upon where you are in the diagram. The PeopleStage Library is designed to auto-filter and display items relevant to where you are in the diagram.

  • Uncheck the Auto Filter option to see all items available in your system Library.

However, leaving the Auto Filter selected during the normal creation of a campaign saves you time searching through lists of items not connected to your current diagram activity. Even when using the Auto Filter, some types of items may be numerous, e.g. FastStats Selections. In this scenario use the search box at the top of the library panel to further filter the items to select from in the display.

If you are unable to find an item make sure you have cleared the search box.

The default display is to sort items by their Description. However, it is possible to change this sort function by the Last Used Date or by the Number of Uses.

Library Sort By options

The other Library functions are:

This acts as a toggle button to sort the individual items within their groups in alphabetical ascending or descending order

This acts as a toggle button to group items by folder or display as one list

This button expands the whole Library structure

This button collapses the whole Library structure

This refresh button saves work you have added to the Library and displays work added by other people

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