One Per Aggregations Editor

Users with admin permissions can access this function and define different recencies to determine which transactional data to display within the output file when creating a Person level campaign.

To create a One Per Aggregation, from the File menu:

  • Select - File > Administration > One Per Aggregation Editor

The One Per Aggregations Editor will list any existing recency definitions:

One Per Aggregations Editor

To view or amend an existing definition:

  • Click on the Details drop down and edit

You can amend the variable used, the aggregation’s description and the positioning; you can also define which way PeopleStage should sort the variable in order to choose the desired transaction to display.

To create a new aggregation:

  • Click + in the bottom right of the Editor window – a New One Per Cell item will appear below any existing definitions

One Per Aggregations Editor Add New Item

For a Most Recent booking definition, we can use the Booking Date variable to order the transactions and, once sorted, determine that PeopleStage chooses the first transaction based on descending order – i.e. select the closest date relative to today’s date.

If you use a numeric variable and sort descending, PeopleStage selects and displays the largest number.

  • Click Details to access and define your settings:
  • Variable Reference - navigate to and select the variable to use in sorting the data
  • Select: Position - the position with the ordered data that PeopleStage uses
  • Sorted: Ascending/Descending - the order in which PeopleStage sorts

Overtype the New One Per Cell description with a name that best describes the recency definition – Most Recent

One Per Aggregations Editor New Item Added

  • Click OK to complete the process

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