In collaboration with Syniverse, we are increasing our integration portfolio with the addition of the WhatsApp. PeopleStage can now send Business initiated messages directly to a WhatsApp conversation as long as the chat has been initiated by the user and consent has been granted by WhatsApp.

The integration supports the following use cases.

These messages are pre-approved by WhatsApp, and can be enriched with personalised content using the data held within your Apteco system.

WhatsApp Business API campaigns can be set up in PeopleStage and scheduled to run as part of a single stage - single channel campaign, or as part of a multi stage - multi channel customer journey.

Recipients can Opt-outClosed An Opt-out is a request to be removed from an marketing communication deployment list for a specific group of messages, or all lists owned by the sender. at any time, and be automatically excluded by PeopleStage, if required. Statistics such as opt out, seen, and delivered can be gathered and reported on within PeopleStage to understand engagement with the Business message.

Download the Syniverse WhatsApp Business API overview.

It is currently not possible for Apteco PeopleStage to validate whether the template name specified for a WhatsApp Business API message is correct and approved by WhatsApp (Meta).  If you select an incorrectly named or unapproved message name within the Delivery Step in PeopleStage, PeopleStage appears to work but the message is not be sent by Syniverse. Syniverse then reports an error in sending the message in the platform.

We are working with our partners and WhatsApp to introduce error checking functionality to resolve this issue.

See the Integrations Matrix for the Syniverse configuration help.

Creative Template

Before you Begin

You must have admin permissions to access this function and define the WABA Creative Template

Syniverse has the information you need to configure a WhatsApp message in PeopleStage.

You need your WhatsApp Business API Template information which includes the:

  • Template Name(s)

  • Message Content for each template

  • List Name(s)

  • The number of variables and variable(s) to map in the FastStats system, for example FirstName

For more information on what can be included in a template see the developer documentation for the WhatsApp Business API.

  1. Open the Creative Template Editor:

  2. Select - File > Administration > Creative Template Editor

  3. Click New Creative Template

  1. Select WABA.

  1. Enter the approved template name in the Name field.

  2. Enter the approved creative message in the content area.

  3. Use double curly brackets and the variable number to add a variable place-holder, for example {{1}}.

  4. Click Save.


The WhatsApp for Business API channel must be created by a system administrator.

  • Once configured it is accessible in the deliveries are of the Library

  • Click Refresh Library if it is not available

Delivery Step

Create a campaign to use with WhatsApp or add an additional Delivery step to an existing campaign.

  1. Drag the Syniverse WABA channel onto the delivery step.

  2. Click Refresh Channel Message Names to select from the available WABA Creative Templates.

  3. Select List Name and enter the name of the list.

WABA Delivery

  1. Save the Campaign.

WABA Campaign

See our Syniverse configuration help