Single sign-on (SSO) in PeopleStage

Note: To use SSO in PeopleStage, you must have Orbit installed, as PeopleStage uses the Orbit API for SSO. You must also be updated Q2 2022, or later with PeopleStage and Orbit.

This is an extension to the existing single sign-on (SSO) implementation across the Apteco products. Users can now access Apteco PeopleStage through their integration with their 3rd party SSO provider.

Following the pre requisites of enabling SSO for FastStats in Orbit, SSO should also be enabled in the PeopleStage Configuration tool:

Note: The ‘Custom post-SSO login URL’ is an HTML page to show briefly whilst the API processes the SSO token. A (default) blank URL results in a ‘Please wait...’ page served from the FastStats Web Service].

Once configured, launch PeopleStage from the desktop. Rather than the log in prompting for a username and password, PeopleStage presents a log in button which, when clicked, opens a browser window to log into to your SSO provider.

Log in using your SSO provider credentials.

Note: If the web view component for integrated browser in PeopleStage is not found, then the component is automatically downloaded and installed. An administrator can choose to not allow this to be installed automatically via an option in the PS configuration tool. However, the component must be downloaded and installed for the SSO log in screen to appear and function.

Publishing a Campaign

There is no prompt for a username and password when publishing a campaign via the SSO mechanism. PeopleStage presents you with a confirmation prompt before it publishes.