Opening Reports Created in PeopleStage

In addition to looking at reports purely in PeopleStage, or doing analysis purely in FastStats, there is also a hybrid approach which allows you to save reports from PeopleStage and open them in FastStats. This provides an easy way to do some simple further analysis:

  1. Open a Campaign and go to a Message step
  2. Display the Marketing Effectiveness report for a recent run, report by the message content type from the drop-down menu, for example Brochure
  3. Click Save and then Generate to create a cube with the same layout as the PeopleStage report
  4. Enter a filename and save to your private folder
  5. Switch to FastStats and open the file from your private folder
  6. Click on the Cube tab and then the Build button

PeopleStage Report Save as Cube to FastStats

This provides an easy way to create a FastStats result with a complex layout and access to live results.

FastStats Cube Analysis of a PeopleStage Report

You could do further analysis, by for example adding Gender as a second dimension to see if male/female more likely to respond.

  1. Drag the Gender variable on to the drop zone below Brochure
  2. Click the Build button

FastStats Cube Analysis of a PeopleStage Report - With Gender Added

You could also transfer this result to FastStats Excelsior or upload to Apteco Orbit.