Reporting in FastStats Communication History

The Communication History can be used to perform more detailed analysis of historic marketing in terms of who has received which communications. For example, to answer questions such as:

  • Who has ever received the Welcome Campaign?
  • How many communications are customers receiving per day/week etc.?
  • Who has received multiple similar campaigns, such as our Africa Holiday Campaign?

Who has received multiple Campaigns?

You can use the Communication History to first see who has received multiple Campaigns from an Area

  1. Create a selection at Communication level using the Area variable, selecting your Campaign

FastStats Selection at the Journey Level for a Campaign

  1. Add a Data Grid with the following variables: Date of Communication, Campaign, Message, Channel and Response
  2. Add the Person URN at the top of the Data Grid to group all the communications received by the same person and rebuild the Data Grid
  3. Update the selection to select the whole Area and rebuild the Data Grid

Communications Report by Area for all Campaigns