Reporting in FastStats Journey History

The Journey History can be used to answer detailed questions about how people have journeyed through the Campaigns. For example:

  • Who is currently awaiting their brochure?
  • How long do people typically wait in a pool (e.g. in the Received Brochure pool before responding)?
  • Who has got stuck in a particular Campaign (e.g. in the Holding Pool)?
  • Who is currently in multiple Campaigns?

How did people move through the Campaign?

  1. Create a selection at the Journeys level using the Area Pool variable and then selecting a Campaign
  2. Add a Data Grid with the following variables: Entered At, Pool, Exited At, Hours Waiting and Still Waiting

FastStats Selection at the Journey Level for a Campaign

  1. Add the Person Urn at the top of the Data Grid to group all the communications received by the same person
  2. Click the Build button

Data Grid Showing Journey History

Most people only have one section to their journey as they enter the holding pool. Some people have multiple sections as they subsequently move on to their Await Brochure pool and beyond.