The dashboard gives a graphical summary of the marketing activity within the whole diagram, or an individual Area or Campaign.. It is accessed via the main view.

Zoom to an Area and close the lid

  • The top panel summarises the communications for the last 12 months by either day, week or month.
  • The Current Campaign States panel provides a count of the campaigns currently in each of the possible states. When first published a campaign is listed as never run; if any error is outstanding it will be shown as errored otherwise as successful; finally when it has been deactivated it is shown as deactivated. Campaigns that have a message requiring approval are also shown.
  • The Communications by Period shows the count of communications and runs (outputs from a message) for different time periods. The percentage column shows the communications for this area as a percentage of the surrounding area.

The dashboard is available at all levels of the diagram.

Dashboard - Closed Lid

Open the lid on a dashboard for an area shows each campaign with a status summary

Dashboard - Open Lid View