Activity Reports

These provide more of an operational summary of the marketing activity for a particular Campaign or Area (not message) for the last day or week. They are meant as a high-level summary to check volumes and activity.

Daily & Weekly Summarised Delivery Reports

From a Campaign or Area level

Results View Icon

  1. Close the lid on the Area or Campaign
  2. Select the Results view and the Weekly Delivery Report or Daily Summarised Delivery Report
  3. Click Generate

Weekly Delivery Report  for an Area

This confirms the volumes for each Warm Up Email and Brochure but excludes the control channel.

Pool Report

The pool report shows the current count of how many people are in each pool.

  1. Navigate to your Campaign and close the lid
  2. Select the Pool Report on your Campaign
  3. Click Generate

Pool Report  for a Campaign

Content and Delivery "hidden pools" associated with each step are also listed, these can be filtered out.