Settings View

The Settings view allows you to set the action taken in various situations, for example, in the event of a Delivery Failure or a Schedule Error.

Settings can be controlled at any level of the diagram, from an individual Message or Campaign to a whole Area.

PeopleStage History View Icon

  • Select the Settings view on your Campaign
  • Click on the Delivery‚Ķ On Failure action

Settings View

Clicking on an entry in the table allows the setting to be modified in the panel below. Any changes Override the default that has been inherited from the outer levels of the diagram and are applied to all inner levels.

Settings View Override Applied

The default action for On Failure of a Delivery is to await user intervention. You could select here to automatically abandon the delivery.

Notifications can also be requested, e.g. if an error occurs. Other FastStats Users can be dragged in to the blue panel to also receive notification.

The Store History settings can be used to reduce the amount of data stored in the PeopleStage database, provided that the history is not required for enforcing communication constraints (see later section on Communication Constraints).

Settings View Store History

The Archive Settings can be used to store history for a certain period of time, after which it is automatically removed to a separate archive database.

See Administration of Archiving in PeopleStage