Summary of Data Available in PeopleStage Reports

Table Legend
Available and includes all communications, even since the latest build.
Available, but data is only as current as the latest build.
Not available at all

Report Type Report Name Message Campaign Area
Activity Summary

Daily Summarised Delivery Report


Pool Report

Communications Reports

Communications Summary Report

  Communications Report
Digital Response Reports Email Response Summary
  Facebook Response Summary
  Twitter Response Summary
Transactional Response Reports Marketing Effectiveness Report
  Statistical Significance Report
Archive Reports Weekly Archive Report

Some of the Campaign and Area level reports rely on data to have been built into FastStats and so lag behind the real time communications.

Campaign and Area level reports

These generally don’t offer a choice of runs, and aggregate data from all runs. They offer to break down results by dimensions that will be in common to all messages (e.g. Date, Channel or Message).

Message Level reports

These offer a choice of a single run or all runs combined. They offer to break down results by any of the Content fields or Delivery channels.